Lao Upstate New York

LAO UNY is a social organization who's members work together to develop their communities. Through advocacy and volunteering we work to enhance & ensure the enrichment of it's community members lives by hosting experiential events highlighting cultural heritage and traditions.


We are a Bi-partisan, non-denominational, organization that wants to promote inclusivity within the community regardless of age, sex, or race. Our focus is to provide a space to learn, live, engage, and celebrate the defining characteristics of the Lao cultural identity.


We are a diaspora community that calls the Greater Rochester Community home now. Our diaspora was the result of a mass exodus (Indochina Refugee Crisis) after the establishment of communism in our homelands in 1975.  More than 3 million people left their ancesteral homelands and journeyed outside of their countries with hopes of finding peace and opportunity elsewhere.

The mass exodus in Southeast Asia resulted as a culmination of several historical and political events ranging from "The Secret War", Lao Civil War, Vietnam War, Fall of Saigon, Influence of Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.


Your support and participation will help us continue to host events on an engaging platform, educate our youth on their history, and assist us in passing on and sharing the beauty of  our culture and tradition.  By doing so, we can collectively create impact and allow us to contribute to the diversity of our communities.


LAO UNY empowers our members and youth in the greater Upstate NY area to reach their fullest potential through a wide range of activities. We care about our Ancestral roots & American values but also believe in achieving a balance to appreciate the life our families left in Laos and the ones we are fortunate to live today.  LAO UNY hopes to inspire and provide enrichment to help shape cultural identity through volunteering, advocacy partnerships, and fundraising. Our volunteering programs provide our youth with the chance to get involved in the community and meet new and exciting faces from all walks of life.  Experience it for yourself and join us at our next event!


At LAO UNY, we strive to empower the lives of youth in the Upstate New York community through our variety of programs. Our Fundraising Opportunities  support our local community as well as nationally recognized organizations that support the development of the Lao Diaspora. We are happy to be the driving force behind the development of our next generations, and hope to continue making a difference in their lives while engaging them in cultural activities.


Our Educational & Cultural Workshops are centered on instilling strong values into our youth and provides a space for them to expand their minds, celebrate culture, while meeting new and interesting individuals.

Learning and engaging in culture from an inclusive perspective we hope to foster the development of our members cultural identities while also offering an engaging platform to learn for those who may have never experienced Lao culture previously.

With LAO UNY, members will get to learn and engage in a curriculum that consists of information about Cultural & Political History,  music, food, and various different art forms all while simultaneously acquiring the skill set that teaches them how to create impact by leveraging local resources and through community organizing.




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