Committed to Making a Difference

We are are formally organized Not for Profit 501(c)7 classified Social Club who's members are individuals that work together to develop our communities.  Through advocacy and volunteering we work to enhance and ensure the enrichment of it's community members lives by hosting experiential events highlighting cultural heritage and traditions of Lao Americans (Lao Am) in Upstate New York.

We are a non partisan, non denominational organization that wants to promote inclusivity to foster the continued growth of our community.  Our focus is to provide a space to learn, live, engage, and celebrate the beauty and heritage of the Lao cultural identity.


Our Story


Congratulations to LAO UNY's 2019-2021 brand new Board of Directors!

Nalee Phommachanh
Krista Chounlapane
Jennifer Hoang
Brandon Phimprachanh
William Vongsykeo
Frank Keophetlasy

Additional Acknowledgments go out to to official sitting Executive Committee to the board:

Breeda Phoummany, Executive Director
Brendon Bouphchay, Vice Chairman
Paul Stanhope, Treasurer
Amanda Sengdara, Secretary

In 2017, a group of friends got together and decided to help raise money for Legacies of War (www.  and The Friend's Children's Hospital in Luang Prabang, Laos.  (

We were a team of 6 supported by a team of volunteers and our community.  The response we received was overwhelming.   We sold out our event in less than 1 week after posting links for online ticket purchases and raised a record amount of funds from our community to donate to not 1, but 2 charitable organizations which linked us ( Lao Am community, family,  and friends) to our ancestral homeland. 

All of this passion & support showed us that we needed a platform for the local Lao Am Community to connect, celebrate,  and highlight cultural heritage.  This platform is unique from current organizations because we are not a religious based society.   We hope to promote Inclusivity within our diverse community.   We welcome & embrace Lao Am to join us regardless of religious background,  or the diversity of their heritage, and encourage engagement with us regardless of age or sexual orientation. 

Join us while we embark on a journey to take our group from an idea to a formal not for profit entity.  Our long term goal is to create a physical space for the community to access and use to achieve our mission.  2019 will be the year we begin to formalize the development of LAO UNY and welcome you to be a part of it.  Your support & encouragement is crucial to our success.   

Special Thanks

To the Founding members & To our Community

Thank you to our founding members who helped us to get to where we are.  You helped to raise up the initiative to connect to our roots and embodied the spirit the LAO UNY give back. You ignited a movement of positivity that the new board will continue to build on moving forward!

A special thanks goes out to the Founding team members and all of the hard work they put into their grass roots effort in developing,  coordinating, and putting on our Inaugural LAO UNY event 'A Winter Gala'.  It was high pressure and put together in less than 3 months.   Your commitment & dedication are truly appreciated.  


We are forever grateful & You guys are rock solid! 

Melissa Chanthalangsy 
Krista Chounlapane 
Jaqueline Phichith
Christian Phichith
Jennifer Hoang
Paul Stanhope
Breeda Phoummany 

A acknowledgements must also be made to our supporters, volunteers,  and sponsors!