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LAO UNY to Co-Host a Service Appreciation dinner Benefiting Legacies of War June 12th at Center for

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

The 6th International Conference on Lao studies takes stage at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York on Thursday June 13 - Saturday June 15. On Wednesday evening, upon the arrival for many guests attending the Center for Lao studies conference, will be the opportunity to support and recognize the contributions of 2 notable Lao diaspora organizations and their leaders. LAO UNY (Lao Upstate New York) will host it's 2nd event benfitting Legacies of War (

RSVP registration can be found at :

Cost: $72 PP

Includes: 5 Courses of Wine Pairings from the Santa Margherita USA Portfolio, 5 Points of Purpose; Which will be a speaking program outlining the framework of the Legacies of War Presentation on Thursday, June 13, 2019. In addition to 5 Southeast Asian inspired Tapas plate pairings.

The 6th International Conference on Lao Studies will bring together Lao Studies scholars and researchers from all disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, and all intellectual and political perspectives, to share paper presentations, panel presentations, exhibits, performances, and cultural activities. The following are included within the target groups of the conference: 1) All self-identified ethnic groups of Laos (e.g. Lao, Khmu, Hmong, Ieu-Mien, Akha, Phouan, Phou Tai, Nyouan, etc.); 2) Lao/Thai Isan and other ethnic Lao groups in Thailand (e.g. Lao Song, Phouan, Phou Tai, etc.) 3) Ethnic Lao living in Cambodia 4) Cross-border ethnic groups living in Vietnam, China, Burma, Thailand and Cambodia (e.g. Akha, Hmong, Phouan, Ieu-Mien, Khmu, Tai Lue, Tai Dam, Lahu, Brao, etc.) 5) Overseas diaspora originally from Laos or descendants of people from Laos (including Lao Americans, Hmong Americans, Khmu Americans, French Lao, Australian Lao, Canadian Lao, etc.)

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